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  • Dialogues: talks among two or more people with similar or opposite points of view, with interesting things to say about a topic. As easy as that.
  • A better world: listen to the testimony of people who have bravely fought against injustice. They present alternative ways to end with them as well as some necessary and discerning analyses in order to highlight the current situation of some issues affecting us all.
  • Food for thought: the most philosophical conversations at Liberisliber, led by Xavier Bassas.
  • Presentations in good company: a few people meet up and explain the interest a good book has arisen in them.
  • Publishing and Education Symposia: conferences on the intersection between these two worlds, chaired by professors Mariona Masgrau and Karo Kunde.
  • Videos: all our official videos recorded, more or less officiously, year after year.


LWR – Liberisliber Web Radio

LWR is Liberisliber official radio, broadcasting interviews with the book fair guests, hosted by Paco Inclán in collaboration with Gloria Briseño.