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Automática Editorial was born in 2012 from the convergence of philosophers, booksellers, writers and travellers, all united by their relation to books, an element whose importance had been growing within time until it spontaneously gave way to an independent publisher.

The project has a core idea: It is possible to interact in society providing new approaches and experiences through original literary works that are deeply relevant today. Beyond trends, Automática's aim is to offer the Spanish market authors and titles that have either never been translated or classic works that need updating.

Our main aspiration is to create a completely original and coherent catalogue that will appeal to a hopefully wider new generation of readers. Our covers are all made by young Spanish illustrators and we deeply care for high quality editions and translations. Automática is well-known in Spain for publishing Russian and other slavic authors such as Maksim Gorky, Daniil Kharms, Aleksandr Chudakov, Fazil Iskander or Yuri Buida, as well as for discovering to Spanish readers prominent and well-known foreign authors such as Yan Lianke (China).

* 10 % discount in the books presented at the fair.

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