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Sostre de carn - Books

Laurus novilis
2017 Francesc Garriga Prize
Local Book
Local book
Sostre de carn

Sostre de carn [Flesh ceiling] stands out for its hysteria and agitation, for how it numbs the verses and upsets their balance. It baptizes the readers by pouring them placenta, agglutinating them, sliding darkness against sex and vomiting the word. And that is how Isern, reabsorbing the blood within the gap, shapes her tongue: by dismembering and being dismembered, by possession and dispossession piercing her. Therefore, Sostre de carn stands out for its constant invective at the genitals in order to dissect tenderness, it is generated as a compilation that is very sure about where it aims and how to get there.

- Guillem Gavaldà