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A double bass player decides to start a small poetry publishing house. He tells a friend, who frowns in puzzlement. His curiosity is aroused, and he pokes around bookshops, libraries and the Net to learn if there might be more people like his friend. He discovers a new concept, at a rather emerging stage back then: the independent publishers. He scans their catalogues and realizes they are absolutely wonderful, a cultural treasure for any country. They make really good books to suit all tastes. Some of them will not even be profitable, and they know it, but still they do it because they believe in them. The musician’s friend is astonished that he didn’t know that reality before. He talks about it with his other friends and together they decide that a change is needed. They have to attract attention, to design a showcase. They resolve to set up a fair. Where? Well, near home, in Besalú, and they will name it LIBERISLIBER (“the book which will set you free” in Latin… roughly). Things in Latin -they believe- last longer, and that adventure had everything to last a very short time: “Independent publishers? What? And where did you say it is? In Besalú? Can you get there by train?”.

liberis en el passado

On the 9th of October 2010, that bunch of friends assembled fifteen planks on top of their corresponding trestles, since there were fifteen independent publishers coming to the fair (from Catalunya, València, Zaragoza, Málaga, Gijón…). It rained, and they had to move those planks inside the arcades on Plaça de la Llibertat. The publishers, and no one asked them to do so, rolled up theirs sleeves and helped the gang. It was a perfect metaphor for what was coming. With those people and those books, nothing could go wrong. And along came the other people: the audience, a very small one. They were delighted to have someone telling them about books in such a unique way. They said good bye but promised to come back the next year. And so they did. The publishers too. And of course the willful bunch of friends. Along came poets, bards and musicians. And loads of other people. They all made and still make Liberisliber what it is today: the country’s independent publishing fair with the highest number of allies. Will you join us?

liberis en el presente

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picture of Fernando Arrabal
Fernando Arrabal
picture of Mar Coll
Mar Coll
picture of Enric Casasses
Enric Casasses
picture of Carol López
Carol López
picture of Albert Serra
Albert Serra
picture of Núria Martínez Vernis
Núria Martínez Vernis
picture of Roger Mas
Roger Mas
picture of Sílvia Bel
Sílvia Bel
picture of Josep Maria Esquirol
Josep Maria Esquirol
picture of Maria del Mar Bonet
Maria del Mar Bonet
picture of Alberto San Juan
Alberto San Juan
picture of Helena Miquel
Helena Miquel
picture of Lluís Llach
Lluís Llach
picture of Mercè Ibarz
Mercè Ibarz
picture of Agustí Villaronga
Agustí Villaronga
picture of Íngrid Guardiola
Íngrid Guardiola
picture of David Fernández
David Fernández
picture of Laura Llevadot
Laura Llevadot
picture of Joan Colomo
Joan Colomo
picture of Antonina Canyelles
Antonina Canyelles
picture of Biel Mesquida
Biel Mesquida
picture of Blanca Llum Vidal
Blanca Llum Vidal
picture of Joan Daniel Bezsonoff
Joan Daniel Bezsonoff
picture of Anna Gual
Anna Gual
picture of Albert Sánchez Piñol
Albert Sánchez Piñol
picture of Lucia Pietrelli
Lucia Pietrelli
picture of Adrià Pujol Cruells
Adrià Pujol Cruells
picture of Míriam Cano
Míriam Cano
picture of Joan-Carles Mèlich
Joan-Carles Mèlich
picture of Maria Mercè Cuartiella
Maria Mercè Cuartiella
picture of Christian Felber
Christian Felber
picture of Elisabet Riera
Elisabet Riera
picture of Eduard Sanjuán
Eduard Sanjuán
picture of Clàudia Pagès
Clàudia Pagès
picture of Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado
picture of Maria Isern
Maria Isern
picture of Josep Pedrals
Josep Pedrals
picture of Mireia Ros
Mireia Ros
picture of Ramón Lobo
Ramón Lobo
picture of Ivette Nadal
Ivette Nadal
picture of Paco Inclán
Paco Inclán
picture of Maria Bohigas
Maria Bohigas
picture of Miguel Morey
Miguel Morey
picture of Valeria Bergalli
Valeria Bergalli
picture of Xavi Sarrià
Xavi Sarrià
picture of Anna Carreras
Anna Carreras
picture of Jordi Oriol
Jordi Oriol
picture of Irene Tortós
Irene Tortós
picture of Pau Riba
Pau Riba
picture of Neus Tomàs
Neus Tomàs
picture of Sam Abrams
Sam Abrams
picture of Susanna Rafart
Susanna Rafart
picture of Joan Rioné
Joan Rioné
picture of Esther Vivas
Esther Vivas
picture of Antonio Baños
Antonio Baños
picture of Carla Fajardo
Carla Fajardo
picture of Pep Molist
Pep Molist
picture of Mariona Masgrau
Mariona Masgrau
picture of Xavier Pla
Xavier Pla
picture of Karo Kunde
Karo Kunde
picture of Martí Anglada
Martí Anglada
picture of Judit Pujadó
Judit Pujadó
picture of Jaume C. Pons Alorda
Jaume C. Pons Alorda
picture of Anna Guitart
Anna Guitart
picture of Xavier Bassas
Xavier Bassas
picture of Ester Andorrà
Ester Andorrà
picture of Arnau Pons
Arnau Pons
picture of Laura Huerga
Laura Huerga
picture of Elies Barberà
Elies Barberà
picture of Joan Julibert
Joan Julibert
picture of David Monteagudo
David Monteagudo
picture of Norbert Bilbeny
Norbert Bilbeny


picture of Eugenia Ábalos
Eugenia Ábalos
picture of Dani Torrent
Dani Torrent
picture of Mar Borrajo
Mar Borrajo
picture of Mercè Galí
Mercè Galí
picture of Andrea Zayas
Andrea Zayas
picture of Ignasi Blanch
Ignasi Blanch
picture of Olga Capdevila
Olga Capdevila
picture of Daniel Piqueras Fisk
Daniel Piqueras Fisk
picture of Raquel Garrido
Raquel Garrido
picture of Pep Boatella
Pep Boatella
picture of Txell Darné
Txell Darné
picture of Marta Casals
Marta Casals
picture of Bernat Cormand
Bernat Cormand
picture of Joan Romaní  (Scaramuix)
Joan Romaní (Scaramuix)
picture of Xavier Nereu
Xavier Nereu
picture of Mim Juncà
Mim Juncà
picture of Chini You are So Overrated
Chini You are So Overrated


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