Besalú 5th & 6th October 2024

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The participants: FRANCESC BOMBí VILASECA - Barcelona, 1975

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© Llibert Teixidor

His first book was the biography of the singer-songwriter Roger Mas, ‘La pell i l’os’ (Satélite K, 2011), and this October he published his first poetry book, ‘Febre amb gel/Fever on the rocks’ (Fonoll), a bunch of life-driven poems with emotions that flow like distorted mirrors. In the late nineties he began to recite poems here and there, and spoke them in poetry meetings with poets such as Enric Casasses, Dolors Miquel, Martina Escoda, Carles Hac Mor, Meritxell Cucurella-Jorba, Josep Pedrals or Núria Martínez, among many others. He is also author of several poetry fanzines and a spoken-word demo, in addition to having been part of the bands Transmisèria (poetry, flamenco and electronics), Usher Survival (rock) or Arbre (rock).

Journalist at ‘La Vanguardia’ since 1997, when he started writing literary chronicles and interviewing writers, which for a while he alternated with long interviews at the books supplement of the newspaper ‘Avui’. He has also written for other media such as ‘Serra d’Or’, ‘Enderrock’ or ‘Barcelona Metròpolis’.