Besalú 5th & 6th October 2024

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incorpore was born in 2013 out of a desire and a necessity: to share books and share readings. Since its beginnings, it has been a publisher prone to association and to voluntarily oscillation: always with one foot here and one foot there. A here and a there that essentially correspond to either side of the Pyrenees, giving rise to two associations: the first in Paris and the second in Barcelona. A here and a there that can be flipped this way or that, immersed in a never-ending trick-trade defying geographical, linguistic and cultural coordinates, with the sole aim of sharing and encouraging others to share, of reading and encouraging others to read.

Sharing the thoughts that fill the body, flood it, burst its banks. Sharing language(s) that rub(s) together, mixing and matching into philosophy, literature, poetry, politics, art and beyond. Sharing marginal authors and artists who deserve to reach a wider audience, publishing them in one or several languages (bilingual editions).

Share, read, share. The logic behind our collections: disilà (fiction), disilà…là (non-fiction), babil (poetry), oscilantes (poetry in French translation), les petits bilingues (novellas for learning languages), un libro, una colección (for the unclassifiable) and leporello (fold-out artist books).

  • Location: Paris / Blanes
  • Phone: not available
  • E-mail:
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  • Cultivated literary genres:
    • Fiction
    • Non-Fiction
    • Poetry and Art
    • Fantasy, horror, science-fiction, legends
  • Number of years participating in the fair: 5