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Les aventures d'Ulisses - Books

Laurus novilis
2020 Liberisliber Xic Textus Prize
Local Book
Local book
Les aventures d'Ulisses

In 1919 a young Carles Riba published the first translation into Catalan of The Odyssey, the great epic poem by Homer. The extraordinary impact of the work encouraged Carles Riba to create an abridged edition which, keeping up with the literary standard of the original piece, would also be available to the general public. The result was Els viatges d'Ulisses [The travels of Ulysses], a sort of literary script of Homer’s work which, as such, requires the image as a complement. The person in charge of carrying out this edition was Dani Torrent Riba, the prestigious illustrator and great-grandson of the poet.