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Verdaguer Edicions is a publishing project whose objective is to make Verdaguer available to everyone: from readers who love poetry to people who are curious to discover Verdaguer to scholars researching his works. It strives to guarantee the ability to read Jacint Verdaguer’s works and to make the poet’s oeuvre, with all its national and universal import, available to all readers today.

The publishing imprint of the Fundació Jacint Verdaguer was launched in the autumn of 2013 with the purpose of publishing works by and about Verdaguer. It isses two collections. The first is the Complete Works in Critical Editions (Obra Completa en Edició Crítica, OCEC), a historical project which got underway in the 1990s with the idea of creating a first critical edition of Verdaguer through the work and analysis of scholars from the Verdaguer Society. It provides the original texts with annotations based on a preliminary study, along with documents related to the work.

The second collection, Univers, provides a contemporary view of the poet’s works. It encompasses topics on and new approaches to the oeuvre of Jacint Verdaguer by other Catalan poets, writers and intellectuals in an effort to provide a contemporary interpretation of the works of one of the most popular classics in Catalan culture. Perejaume is the author of the cover art, and authors in this series include Enric Casasses, Bernat Gasull and Lluís Soler.

  • Location: Folgueroles
  • Phone: not available
  • Website: http://www.verdagueredicions.cat/
  • Cultivated literary genres:
    • Non-Fiction
    • Poetry and Art
  • Number of years participating in the fair: 1