Besalú 5th & 6th October 2024

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Edicions Poncianes spots the meeting between art and literature the standard of his work. We offer an open window to creative universes, both in the Catalan and international languages, starting with the painter Joan Ponç, who named us. We conceive the book as an object that wants to seduce the reader with the touch of each page, with the highest quality in both design and materials. We try to approach the bibliophile book, we want to be accessible but we also understand that the book remains: so it will have to resist the inclemencies of time. We have as a reference the aesthetic of the old editions: we consider that the skeleton that sustains the book is what gives it inner presence. In our catalog, each branch is a collection. From the first branch hang works on Ponç: diaries, studies, tributes. From the second, poetry: new and old authors of Catalan literature. From the third, the Bèsties (beasts): posters and works of great authors translated by current poets. From the fourth, the essay: action and ripple of thought.

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Phone: not available
  • Website:
  • Cultivated literary genres:
    • Non-Fiction
    • Poetry and Art
  • Number of years participating in the fair: 3