Besalú 7th & 8th October 2023

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Thank you and see you soon!

2020-11-15 BESALÚ. A couple of quick notes for the diary and to say thank you.

What memories do we take with us? That the temptation of determinism always lurks around every corner; that walking around the margin of the margin is a very healthy exercise; that the potion shouldn’t drive us insane; that we are proud to boost a collection that will become a classic; that the publishing scene is shaken up by the brave, not the tasteless faint-hearted clinging to their calculators; that pandemics are very capricious and that people always want more LIBERISLIBER, come what may. Also, sadly, that there is no one at the wheel and that only the people save the people. Thanks for coming! LONG LIVE LIBERISLIBER!