Besalú 3th & 4th October 2020

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Thank you and see you in 2020!

2019-11-15 BESALÚ. A couple of quick notes for the diary and to say thank you.

What memories do we take with us? That a game can always be won as long as the final whistle doesn't blow; that love stories can be lived in the distance; that there are publishers who don’t care about back covers; that junior publishers are taking off; that yes, there are Quixotes that undertake publishing crusades by themselves and this deserves a resounding applause; that for some people we are the southern Edinburgh Book Festival (yeah!); that others, after seeing the audience of Liberisliber, are reaffirmed in the road taken; that there are publishers who also admire the Frenchman called Laurent Garnier; that publishers... are such great readers!; that the Janskys are great before, during and after the concerts; that it gives us great pleasure to see intelligent fights and that Saturday’s sleepless nights are harder and harder for the organizers. A great year. We congratulate ourselves and you on our 10th birthday. Thanks for coming! LONG LIVE LIBERISLIBER!