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Besalú 6th & 7th October 2018

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Elies Barberà > "The Transformations", by Johannes Eyckermann

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Between 1512 and 1515, Copernicus collaborated with the mathematician Johannes Eyckermann. Among the documents found in Copernicus’s archives, there is a series of unfinished poems written by Eyckermann and entitled The Transformations. So far, this has been a mystery hiding other mysteries: why is there a love poetry book among the documents in Copernicus’s studio? Why is it unfinished? Who hides behind the name Pandora? Was Pandora Copernicus’s lover? Is Eyckermann describing the evolution of the love triangle he is involved in?

Touched by magic, the apathy of the long hours in Leipzig or sheer luck, Elies Barberà made this discovery 25 years ago. The main body of the poetic material is around 500 years old and, however, its modernness is almost shocking.

* LIBERISLIBER WEB RADIO is the radio station of the fair, broadcasting from the courtyard of Can Llaudes (unique medieval palace located on the main square). Come and enjoy a secret marvellous location, listen to interesting live interviews within striking distance. For those who cannot make it, the podcast is available at the "Watch and listen!" section.

Presented by: Paco Inclán || In collaboration with: Gloria Briseño || Sound control: David Lemos

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