Besalú 3rd & 4th October 2015

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The Scrimmage with Pietrelli, Zenia, Rafart, Pons Alorda and Gual

imatge de  The Scrimmage with Pietrelli, Zenia, Rafart, Pons Alorda and Gual

Ladies and gentlemen, it is happening again. Choose your best outfit and get ready to attend the poetical fight of the century. Five pugilists-poets will get on the canvas-stage and a referee-master of ceremonies will ensure that everyone will do the right thing. You will see impossible knocks-words, intense rounds-verses, all in all, a sensational fight-poetical evening. As the old Budd said: “one has a promoter, the other one has a publisher; one has a manager, the other one has a literary agent; one has a trainer, the other one has a copy editor; but when the bell rings, everything becomes incidental: you are out there, naked and alone”.

Hear, hear! We have a knockout line-up: Lucia Pietrelli, Salem Zenia, Susanna Rafart, Jaume C. Pons Alorda and Anna Gual. And Lluís Riera as master of ceremonies. Let the bell ring!

  • rellotge...
  • si fa sol... Stage
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Meet the participants

picture of Anna Gual
Anna Gual
picture of Lucia Pietrelli
Lucia Pietrelli
picture of Jaume C. Pons Alorda
Jaume C. Pons Alorda
picture of Susanna Rafart
Susanna Rafart
picture of Lluís Riera
Lluís Riera
picture of Salem Zenia
Salem Zenia