Besalú 3rd & 4th October 2015

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The festival 2015

General 2015

Award ceremonies

imatge de V for Victory

Award ceremonies. V for Victory

This event will take place as soon as we will inform the lucky winners of the contests Enjoy your Meal and your Book, The Magic Raffle, Click-liiib! and The Enigma Good luck!

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Guided tours

imatge de Learn about the history of Besalú!

Guided tours. Learn about the history of Besalú!

Through a one-hour long didactic guided tour, you will discover the town of Besalú and its more emblematic corners, such as the Romanesque Bridge, the Jewish Quarter, the excavations at the synagogue, [...]

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  • atencio... The visit finishes where it started. Maximum group size: 30 people. Price without discount: €4.60


Readings & Concerts

Street theatre



Liberisliber PRO 2015

Book signings