Besalú 6th & 7th October 2018

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Cia. Cap de Pardals and Roser Rimbau > The letter

imatge de  Cia. Cap de Pardals and Roser Rimbau > The letter

In 2015, while the members of the theatre company Cap de Pardals were developing a solidary project in Thille Boubacar, the children of the village often approached them: they wanted paper to draw on. These drawings are of great value, since they portray the village life through the eyes of its children. Now they’re part of the illustrations in La carta [The letter] and also an essential element of the delicate shadow play staged by the company in order to present the picture book as well as the solidary project which led them to Senegal.

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  • si fa sol... Town Hall – Plenary Room – 1st Floor (Plaça de la Llibertat 1)
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Roser Rimbau

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