Besalú 6th & 7th October 2018

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Albert Masó > Montserrat: A Thousand Peaks

imatge de  Albert Masó > Montserrat: A Thousand Peaks

The magic mountain of Montserrat gathers more than a thousand summits, but only very few of them are accessible on foot. In this book, Albert Masó presents a collection of 16 routes with the aim of reaching these 16 peaks.

* LIBERISLIBER WEB RADIO is the radio station of the fair, broadcasting from the courtyard of Can Llaudes (unique medieval palace located on the main square). Come and enjoy a secret marvellous location, listen to interesting live interviews within striking distance. For those who cannot make it, the podcast is available at the "Watch and listen!" section.

Presented by: Paco Inclán || In collaboration with: Gloria Briseño || Sound control: David Lemos

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  • si fa sol... LWR Tent (Can Llaudes Medieval Courtyard - Plaça Sant Pere)
  • si no fa sol... Same place
  • atencio... Seating available for the audience

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picture of Albert Masó Garcia
Albert Masó Garcia

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