Besalú 6th & 7th October 2018

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Enjoy your meal and your book!

imatge de  Enjoy your meal and your book!

Dear friends, if around mid-September you happen to sit down to eat at some restaurant in the area of la Garrotxa and the province of Girona, two things will happen to you. First, and very importantly, you’ll enjoy a great meal, and second, not less important, you’re very likely to find the place mat of LIBERISLIBER, and a fantastic competition as well!

Enjoy your meal, the company -if that’s the case-, and your book. Good luck!

  • si fa sol... Restaurants in the province of Girona
  • si no fa sol... Same place
  • atencio...

    The winner will be announced at V for Victory. Contest open until October 7th (12.00 m.).

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