Besalú 7th & 8th October 2017

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LIBERISLIBER PRO (illustrators)

I draw, I publish

imatge de  I draw, I publish

Text/Information only available in Catalan and Spanish at the moment.

  • rellotge...
  • si fa sol... Ramon Vidal Library – Ground Floor
  • si no fa sol... Same place

Meet the participants

picture of CANIZALES
picture of Marta Casals
Marta Casals
picture of Agustín Comotto
Agustín Comotto
picture of Anna Font
Anna Font
picture of Núria Frago
Núria Frago
picture of Roser Matas
Roser Matas
picture of Xavier Nereu
Xavier Nereu
picture of Chini You are So Overrated
Chini You are So Overrated

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